Attempting to avoid 122mph speeding conviction

Roauf Azzabi 33 has been sent behind bars, by Chester Crown Court. This was not because of the speed he was doing but due to the fact he was found guilty of perverting the course of justice. In August 2015 a cheshire speed van, on the A556 at Hartford in Norwich tracked a Kawasaki Z1000…

What’s around the corner?

Well SMIDSY doesn’t know but we do know that we have all been there, or at least most of us have! You’re out for a quiet bimble on the bike, a chill ride, nice and relaxed like…..when the need for speed starts to kick in

BP Garage makes bikers pay for fuel upfront!

We have become aware of an outrageous situation whereby a garage in Hull have put up signs advising all bikers that they must now pre-pay for fuel prior to the pump being turned on. 

Bike Security

We’ve recently come across a video from the Metropolitan police, giving further advice and instruction regarding “scooter” security, though we think message really rings true for all bikes. whatever your thoughts on the police or their handling of stolen bikes, which we tend to feel is generally not up to scratch. There is none the…

The REAL meaning of the Haynes instruction

We’re not ashamed to say, we’ve come across an old file we had and this is what it contained. We’d love to credit the author, but we just don’t know who it is! As bikers its fair to say that for most of us we’ve all been here with a Haynes manual……..Enjoy

30 Month sentence for speeder

Paul Whyatt, who has been handed a 30-month prison sentence on the back of being caught riding at approximately 148 mph on UK roads.

I will self recover!

Sent in by a follower: – I will self recover!! Just a bit of info 🙂 if your bike does get nicked, when reporting to the police tell them that if it is found you will “self recover”. Why? If you don’t and it turns up the police will tell a local recovery company to…


Want some tips on overtaking, look no further!

Northumbria Police – Speed Camera Van Statement

So it appears that all the hype online recently about new speed camera vans is true…. You might have seen some blurry photos of a new speed camera van, that appears to have been mocked up by someone in 1983 with a film camera and a whole tub of Vaseline on the lense – I…

Car Driver Karma

Why is it when you’re on two wheels, every man an their dog wants to race you? It doesn’t matter whether you ride a 600 or a thou, and whether they’re in there mums 1.1 corsa or their boyfriends scooby – they want in! 9 times out of 10 you don’t even know they’re trying…

Norfolk Rider with 46 points, clocked at 110 mph

It seems that today the Norfolk police have been busy on the A47 where they caught a biker doing 110 MPH. Unlike the Aviesmore Biker this rider was clocked not only MPH over the limit and caught at MPH after being followed – they were doing this with a pillion on board. On top of…