This motorbike blog has come about due to my re-found love of being a Biker. I write it like that as I have come to realise that biking is more a way of life than picking up a bike and riding it down to the shops.

As a kid I saw older family friends have bikes and ride around, I watched other people call them mental and reckless – commenting on something that they quite honestly had no idea about, or any inclination to learn or understand.

More recently, it’s become clear that bikers are a different class of people. I have met more bikers in the last few years, who have turned out to be good friends than people through acquaintances. These bikers have helped with things like giving me advise on fixing my bike, meeting to raise money for local charities and one gent drove half way across the country to help me fix my carbs. Yes there will always be exceptions and ass holes, but for the most part the people and bikes I meet seem to want to help everyone.

Growing up I’ve had my fair share of accidents, I’ve been down the road a fair few times and I’m looking to stop that happening again. However every accident I’ve had has resulted in the 3rd party saying “Sorry Mate I Didn’t See You” SMIDSY, which is quite frankly not an excuse.

When I came off before I was young and bullet proof and now I’m rapidly approaching 30 and have a daughter I’d like to think that I am somewhat wiser even if just a little.

So I am looking to grow my knowledge and share my experiences with you. I will be looking at riding more this year, where possible testing gear.

I’d like to put together a list of bike friendly locations etc.

On the back of that I’d like to raise awareness of bikers, try to get cagers to look for us and watch out for us – Realise that a dent on their car could mean death for a biker. A father, a son, a brother, a mother, a sister or a daughter that won’t be going home for to their family due to the rushing or hurrying around of people today.

So if you can help or if you would like to see any specific content then let me know.