Independent & smaller motorbike business

While smidsy usually writes blog posts about motorbike news and events, we are thinking about adding a small businesses page for you all to have access to and help grow – though we would like your opinions first!

The plan is to set up a list of businesses recommended to smidsy by its readers for everything from mechanics and bodywork to valeting, decals and leather cleaning.

while we are still deciding on a format for this, we’d like your input on whether you would find this useful? Firstly it would be reader reviewed and smidsy would then go through using the services to add a smidsy rating.

we wouldn’t be charging for the placements as we feel it’s important to help smaller businesses grow and gain traction, though would give you a link through to our site that would allow you to show off your smidsy rating.

You may not have a site, in which case a page on ours may potentially allow you to attract more business.

If if this is something you’d be interested in then please let us know, and we will see if it’s worth setting up for everyone to take advantage of!

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