Recording your ride?

A quick question for those who run a Motorbike Blog, or probably more aptly a Vlog – Do you record every ride? Are you aware of where you place your camera and what it is capturing?

This is a very real question and concern for some, as you may find that you’re essentially recording evidence for not only your own, but potentially your friend’s incarceration.

Unfortunately, this is what is currently happening to Nicholas Pannell and Joshua Illingworth who were arrested in July 2017. Illingworth was riding a BMW and Pannell was on board a KTM machine between Yealmbridge near Yealmpton and The Mounts near Kingsbridge in Devon.

The video below from “Pére Noél” shows a clipping of the lads riding down the A379 & A381 when what we can only assume to be target fixation had caused Nicholas to veer off the road and end up in a field.

Luckily Nicholas survived and other than some fairly minor injuries of a broken collar bone and some fractured ribs Nicholas lives to ride another day…. Though this is not where the story ends.

The footage that was captured on Nicholas’s GoPro has been used to convict both riders.

Prosecutor Nigel Hall told Plymouth Crown Court that the video showed the pair “effectively racing through lanes of Devon and South Hams” for 15 miles.

He said:

“the speedometer on Pannell’s 1,100cc KTM showed 90mph in a 30mph zone, and a staggering 118mph on country roads where the national speed limit applied.”

The court was told that the list of violations during the ride was so long that investigating officers gave up writing them all.
Sgt Olly Tayler said:

“the case was one of the worst cases of dangerous driving I’ve investigated. It was nothing more than sheer luck that it didn’t end in a fatality or multiple fatality. The standard of riding was appalling. As a roads police officer and motorbike rider, I was genuinely shocked when I saw the footage. The potential consequences could’ve been completely catastrophic.”

Luckily for both the riders the courts had been advised that both are of good character and both pleaded guilty at the first opportunity and due to this both were sentenced to just 8 months of imprisonment which has been suspended for 2 years. They have both received 12 months driving bans and ordered to do 180 hours of unpaid work, along with paying a “victim surcharge” of £140.

Given the other stories we have reported on:

122mph Speeding conviction
30 Month sentence for speeder
Aviemore biker riding at 149mph

This could be considered a very lucky outcome for the riders. Though some people of cornwall are not happy commenting on “”

“This sentence is no deterrent what so ever. This kind of behaviour on the road could have had worse serious outcome. Fortunately this did not apart from the rider involved.
These kind of actions and sentences need to be reviewed and more harsher sentences handed down.
Insurance companies should refuse to insure these dangerous driver ever again, this may just may help, then again these individuals will possibly drive without insurance…. hopefully not.”


“They should have got at least 2 years inside and disqualified for 5 years. Total idiots.”

When reading up on this story it seems that there is definitely a more serious string of offences that have been caught within the recording and with that in mind, you have to ask yourself, what would have been possible in terms of prosecution if the GoPro had not been present or turned on?
Are you happy to ride with people who wear cameras, or do you as a rule refuse to go out with those who do?
When recording, why are you recording? Is this for your own security, or is it because you’re looking for some awesome footage no matter the legality?

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  1. Lucy says:

    I record every ride solely for my own benefit. I can use it to review footage where I remember making an error and see if there was something I could done; I also use it as insurance in case I am involved in a crash. I will want to know who’s fault it is and, if it’s not mine, I can use it to get recompense from the other driver. I am not someone that rides as dangerously as the drivers you have mentioned in your article however, so the legal side of it is really not a concern of mine.


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