This is SMIDSY! – Gerard Butler in accident

SMIDSY has heard that Gerard Butler has reportedly been rushed to hospital, following an accident while on his motorbike in LA.

We are pleased to confirm that Gerry has taken to Instagram in the meantime, to reassure fans he is fine.


Gerard B, was allegedly run off the road by a car while he was cruising around LA.

An onlooker called 911 after witnessing the accident, once the ambulance arrived Gerard was treated at the scene prior to being taken to hospital.

According to a TMZ source, it appeared that there was no serious injury, they said “lucky for him no broken bones, just cuts and bruises”.

Apparently Gerard was cut off by the cager, which forced him crash. Though this hasn’t slowed the star down as he continues to push forward with his plans to promote his new film – “Geostorm” which is set to be released next week.

There is no news as to how the chopper is doing as of yet, however we’re sure that he will have it up and running again very soon.




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