What’s around the corner?

Well SMIDSY doesn’t know but we do know that we have all been there, or at least most of us have! You’re out for a quiet bimble on the bike, a chill ride, nice and relaxed like…..when the need for speed starts to kick in. You’ve no idea where it came from but the pace is starting to quicken, the roads are quiet and the weather is gorgeous and now you’re flying!!

The problem with this can be (and especially for those who are less experienced or new to biking), that you end up getting lost in the moment a little.

You are loving the ride the thrill and the speed, and not necessarily thinking about what can be round the next corner as this rider found out.

Firstly the credit to this video goes to “Gap Tooth Grin” on YouTube.

Secondly, this was a near miss of epic proportions, so quite frankly we are glad the rider is still alive – though we’d imagine VERY shaken up, see below

We would class this and almost reverse SMIDSY!

Fingers crossed you’ve all stayed safe, today. Hopefully this will serve as a reminder that we need to anticipate the possibility of what we can be riding into.

If you’re worried about whats around the corner then bosch may have at least began to solve the problem with their vehicle to bike comms and if that doesn’t help then some simple overtaking tips from SMIDSY might help!


shiny side up boys and girls, ride safe!




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