BP Garage makes bikers pay for fuel upfront!

We have become aware of an outrageous situation whereby a garage in Hull have put up signs advising all bikers that they must now pre-pay for fuel prior to the pump being turned on.


Now we’re all aware of how much removing helmets prior to being able to fuel up, causes a fair amount of uproar amongst bikers – something we generally disagree with having to do, though understand the reasoning behind…..however this takes things to a whole new level.



Picture by Phil Collinson

Phil Collinson posted an image of a sign hung up at the fuel pump onto Facebook group, East Yorkshire Mag, after trying to fill up his tank stating:

“Please come in and pay for your fuel first. This is a new company policy. Your pump will not be started unless you do so.”

Mr Collinson wrote:

“When they’d finished announcing over the tannoy that we had to go inside and pay first, we put our money back away and filled up elsewhere.”

This has apparently come after the garage had seen a lot of non payers ride off without paying. Bikers have apparently been singled out due to the garages CCTV struggling to pick up bike number plates.

A member of staff told the hull daily mail:

“We don’t want to go into it too much but there was a rise in drive-offs. On a car you can see the registration but it’s hard to see it on a motorcycle.”

which was apparently not enough for local bikers who have claimed they will be boycotting the station until the signs down – which has seemed to have worked as since this was posted to facebook and made the news the signs have been taken down.


Have you ever been refused fuel as you were on a bike? How did you react?

Get in touch and let us know!

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  1. Alan Lund says:

    I just got back on the bike and went to another petrol station. Texaco are the worst, I never use them.

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  2. Paul norrie says:

    I think if bikers have to pay first, then so should cars. I’ve never removed my helmet, and I always use the same BP garage to fill up.

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  3. John says:

    How about a few hundred bikers turn up and insist on 2 litres each, all paying up front of course? Perhaps after car drivers are delayed for a few days and BP lose a few £000s they will reconsider their “sledgehammer to crack a nut” policy.

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  4. tim1200 says:

    I would take my business to another garage without hesitation

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  5. Lizzy says:

    perhaps there’s been a rise in chavs going in on stolen scooters without numberplates, they’re trying to protect the business interests not just be awkward, unfortunately inconveniences all of us.

    I tend to fill up at Asda where there is no kiosk, it’s card only and Morrisons which again, is card only.

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  6. Paul says:

    If you have to pay first go in side and do your shopping leaving your bike at the pump

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  7. MotoriderUS says:

    Pre-Paying for fuel is a common practice in the USA for all vehicles where the transaction is completed with cash. This can result in two trips to the cashier should you need to return to pickup your change.

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  8. Neil says:

    As usual some scum foul everyone. It’s the world we live in.

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  9. Prash says:

    To many people drive of on bikes and they never take their helmets of and sometimes the CCTV can’t read the license plate cuz it’s on the back of the bike n to small. They have to do something right

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  10. John says:

    I don’t think anybody can legitimately complain about petrol stations taking prtoective measures but in this case they are over-reacting. All they need to do is insists all riders remove their helmet when fuelling, not unreasonable. If the number plate isn’t readable just announce over the tannoy “sorry but your registration cannot be verified, please pay at the kiosk before fuelling”. Those with dodgy or no registration plates will be hindered, legal riders shouldn’t have a problem and BP won’t be tarring thousands of law-abiding bikers with the brush deserved for scumbags and idiots.

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  11. Mark Mynott says:

    Because of course no one ever drives off without paying in a car . Discrimination is discrimination and guess what, there are laws against it !!!

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  12. sarah says:

    This is absolute rubbish, i worked at Shell for a year and never had a biker not pay. Many car drivers didn’t tho. Use Shell and you can keep ya helmet on.

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