Carrying a pillion – legal age?

Need a brief overview of carrying a pillion and at what age it’s acceptable? (UK) – Prepare to enter a grey area:

Taken from Ask The Police

In order to carry a passenger on a motorcycle:
the rider must have a full licence for that class of motor cycle.
A motor bike must be equipped with suitable supports or rests for the feet of the pillion passenger.
Pillion passengers must be capable of sitting astride a proper seat securely fixed to the motorcycle and be able to hold on effectively.
A pillion passenger must wear a suitably constructed safety helmet.
The decision to carry a passenger remains with the rider, who is legally responsible for ensuring that the passenger is safely supported.
Although there is currently no minimum legal age for a person to ride pillion, it is strongly advised that they have parental consent, wear a properly fitting and specially designed helmet, are able to reach the footrests and are able to hold on properly.

There are other aspects which we feel are assumed in the post: correct insurance / tax / MOT.

We would also advise ATGATT for pillions as a general, but where kids are concerned it really is your responsibility to protect them as much as possible!

REMEMBER: You can be the best rider in the world going around at 20mph, but if someone hits you, then you want to be certain you’ve done all you can to protect your littlun as best you can!

So essentially there is no minimum age, just criteria that needs to be met!

What age did you start letting your kids go out with you?

Did it make you ride differently?

How did they find it?

Post your pics below


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  1. Tara says:

    My daughter was 5 , yes cause I ride more. Cautious and not as fast but she’s 11 now and wants her own , I had love handles and waited for her to reach the peddles


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