30 Month sentence for speeder

You may have heard in the news recently about Paul Whyatt, who has been handed a 30-month prison sentence on the back of being caught riding at approximately 148 mph on UK roads.Jailed Rider SMIDSY

Paul Whyatt, 57, of Wisbech Road, Thorney, was handed the sentence at Peterborough Crown Court, on March 9 2017 – though for some reason the story is only really coming to light now.

Now while the sentence isn’t just for speeding, it’s becoming clear that the UK certainly appears to be cracking down on crimes like this, with speeding motorcyclists making the headlines (see Clocked at 110 mph orAviemore biker).

The court was told of Mr Whyatts escapades which were ranging from silly to lucky to be alive, while riding his BMW S1000RR. Outlined below are just some of the instances leading to his sentence:


  • With false number plates on April 4, 2015, when he overtook an off-duty police officer on solid white lines.


  • On April 9, the same officer was on duty on the A1 near Sawtry when he saw Whyatt again, still displaying false plates (of a Seat Car). Whyatt ran, reaching speeds of over 148mph at which point the officers pulled the chase. (video below)


  • Two weeks later on April 22, officers were travelling to an emergency call on the A15 Paston Parkway when Whyatt undertook one of the vehicles, making off onto the A47 – this time with the correct plates. Whyatt failed to stop again, flying through a local village at 114mph at which point the chase was stopped again. It was too late this time as they already had his real plates.


  • He was also accused of doing 47mph in a 30 in 2013.


PC Stuart Adam, from the Road Policing Unit, said:

“The fact that Whyatt has received a lengthy custodial sentence for offences that didn’t result in injury or death demonstrates just how serious the courts take driving in this manner on our county’s roads.

Whyatt’s motorbike had a top speed of 180mph and it’s clear from the video footage that on occasions he was reaching very high speeds.”

Whyatt was sentenced to 14 months for perverting the course of justice, another 14 for dangerous driving and 2 months for carrying a knife.

Whyatt was also handed a Criminal Behaviour Order, banning him from riding a motorbike over 50cc for four years and three months.

He has also been disqualified from driving for three years and three months.

In the video below, you can see Whyatt, literally drop a gear and disappear

In the articles that we’ve been reading up on it seems clear that the police have been able to use a range of information about Mr Whyatt to help catch him. To name a few:

  • Mobile phone data
  • Distinctive clothing and bike (incl a rucksack he regularly wore)
  • ANPR showing Whyatts bike as a Seat car – why you wouldn’t at least use a motorbike, we will never know.


We couldn’t condone riding this way through villages and built up areas, and as we understand that there was a real risk to the public life. We would say however that if you were going to ride like this that there are certainly more intelligent ways and places.

Do you agree on a 14-month custodial sentence, for dangerous riding – with no victim?

Does the punishment fit the crime?

Does it go far enough, or is it too much, due to there being no one who got hurt?

Let us know in the comments below!







5 Comments Add yours

  1. Neil John says:

    IF you consider the ‘perverting the course of justice’ angle yes, however if it’s good enough for him they’d better start locking up the thieve’s who do similar things to escape ‘justice’ on stolen bikes…


    1. Neil John says:

      Instead of the courts listening to the anti-social services reports and letting them off with little more than a slapped wrist, ASSuming the CPS (criminal protection service) have even let it get to court…


  2. Robert Hawkins says:

    that video is a load of sh*t. that isn’t Whyatt. That doesn’t mean I condone his actions and the sentence reflects the crime.


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