I will self recover!

Sent in by a follower: – I will self recover!!

Just a bit of info 🙂 if your bike does get nicked, when reporting to the police tell them that if it is found you will “self recover”.


If you don’t and it turns up the police will tell a local recovery company to recover it – they take it to their lock up (which will likely be miles away) and you end up with a hefty bill to get it out (liverpool area is £150 intial then £10 a day there after, soon mounts up!)

Oh and as a bonus the recovery company do not give a shit about your pride and joy and will likely do loads of damage “recovering” it! ie chucking it in the back of a trailer.

So don’t forget “I WILL SELF RECOVER”!!

Share away boys and girls! It may stop someone getting shafted!!

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