SMIDSY has just come across the clip below regarding overtaking.

It’s fair to say that most of us have at one point or another been in a situation, whereby we think “yeah we can make that” have blipped the throttle, checked, pulled out……now you’re half way passed the vehicle you’re overtaking and you think “shit!”, the car coming the other way is approaching a lot quicker than you initially thought.The adrenaline starts surging and your arsehole starts to twitch. You have committed yourself to a manoeuvre and now you’re second guessing that decision.

For some reason you’ve let off the throttle and the window to make a decision is closing! Are you gonna go for it, or are you gonna take a safer option and roll off the throttle and move back in?

Sometimes it doesn’t even feel like an option, and sometimes it isn’t the safest option – ultimately faced with every individual situation you will have to make the right decision given those circumstances.

However, we support the THINK initiative on this one and believe that we all need to be told sometimes that it can be better to abandon a bad overtake and give yourself the chance to try again, rather than ending up on the bonnet of an oncoming vehicle.


Fingers crossed that you will learn from the situation that you put yourself in and take more time to scope out the environment around you before making a similar mistake. Riding is a continuous learning curve for everyone – so if you’ve made this mistake in the past……THINK in the future.

It’s better to arrive 10 minutes late, than not at all! Stay safe all!

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  1. Steve Robinson says:

    As I am going into hospital again soon to have an operation to finally restore my right leg after a crash last March (2016), I can definitely agree with this.

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