Northumbria Police – Speed Camera Van Statement

So it appears that all the hype online recently about new speed camera vans is true….

You might have seen some blurry photos of a new speed camera van, that appears to have been mocked up by someone in 1983 with a film camera and a whole tub of Vaseline on the lense – I digress.

Either way the the van appeared to have moved away from the standard reflective day glow yellow and blue, and instead moved towards a flatter colour. To be honest we thought the look of the van was laughable and brushed it off….Though it would seem we were wrong to do that, because as of approximately 14:00 on 22.03.17 Northumbria Police released the following statement via their facebook page:

These are our new mobile speed camera vans . They’ve been introduced to make them more visible to road users. The vans are there to deter speeding and dangerous driving. We are not trying to catch people out, we’re here to keep people safe.

Northumbria police, are clearly trying to make a statement that this is not about catching and charging people – though in the same breath we doubt, that the public who speed will be being let off with a warning.

You’ll notice that there is no flap on the back doors and so cameras will only be able to shoot from the sides and maybe the front. It could be argued that the extra blue on the side it to help the van merge with the skyline when on a motorway bridge, which is where we would assume vans of this nature would be placed.

It has of course caused another frenzy regarding why non police personnel in these are allowed to be dressed as the police, driving a van which is clearly labelled as “POLICE” and yet not be impersonating a police officer.

We have no doubt this will bring out the age old debate of “don’t speed, don’t worry” and quite frankly disbelieve just about any driver or rider who claims to have never sped. Like a lot of organisations, we believe that roads would be safer when riders and drivers spend more time observing their surroundings and the dangers around them rather than focusing at the Speedo to make sure they haven’t crept upto 33mph in a 30 – especially in the case of riding a motorbike, it is essential we keep our focus on that which is around us!

What are your thoughts? a waste of tax payers money, to help fine the public further or a valuable asset in the fight for road safety?

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  1. Dean Otter says:

    Are they going to report potholes to the relevant departments and truly make the roads safer getting them sorted?

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    1. SMIDSY says:

      Well that’d be the dream Dean, though We don’t think that’ll happen


  2. S. Churchill says:

    Not totally against this form of motoring enforcement, but as a safety professional
    I am taught that one must address safety from all angles and not by enforcement. And yet seemingly police forces and their rads safety partners have for years now used this kind of enforcement whilst paying scant regard for the state (and in a lot of cases the design) of our highways. Similarly, taking visible action against those who leave debris on the roads and vehicles with unsafe loads has not figured in enforcement focus. Hence a large proportion of the motoring public view camera enforcement as merely a way of generating revenue at a time when we are also being told that the police have little resource for dealing with other crimes, for example not persuing petrol station drive off offences and vehicle theft. The argument that the police put forward that no money is made from enforcement camera penalties is wearing thin, they are there to generate revenue and not profit.

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  3. jo martin says:

    dressing up as a cop and or being in a vehicle marked police is an offence under the 1995 police act, it is illegal to impersonate a police officer and that is clearly what they are doing

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