Norfolk Rider with 46 points, clocked at 110 mph

It seems that today the Norfolk police have been busy on the A47 where they caught a biker doing 110 MPH.

Unlike the Aviesmore Biker this rider was clocked not only MPH over the limit and caught at MPH after being followed – they were doing this with a pillion on board. On top of that the rider had no insurance and the bikes most recent MOT ran out in 2008, which might explain why they had a bald rear tire and other faults including cables which prevented proper steering, an unsecured seat and cables dangling at the front wheel.

Now while we can understand that sometimes it’s all too easy to blip that throttle, and on a litre bike, it’ll be at 110 with little to no effort…..let’s be honest second gear in most cases.

However to ride about at speed with a pillion on a board, on a bike with no insurance and no MOT is absolutely ridiculous, especially when you consider he has been disqualified and still holds 46 points on his licence. Would we consider this rider a biker? No! What about you?

How do you feel about them pushing up your insurance premiums?

Does simply owning and riding a bike, make you a biker….or is there a certain amount of respect for your machine, a consideration for those around you, and maybe even a personal code that comes into it?

We wonder if the sentance for this guy will be, if the Aviesmore biker got something custodial?



PC Mark Carter said:

“it was about 3pm on Saturday (March 4) when an officer from the Norfolk Road Casualty Reduction Team on a marked police motorcycle noticed the Honda CBR motorcycle apparently travelling at excess speed on the A47 eastbound near the Trowse junction.

The officer conducted a speed check on the bike and found the riders speed varying between 90 and 115mph.

The rider had a pillion passenger on the bike.

The rider was stopped at the Brundall services and roadside enquiries carried out. These enquiries highlighted the fact the rider already had 46 points on their driver record and had never passed a driving test. The bike was not insured or taxed and had last been MOT’d in 2008.

The motorcycle tyre tread was well below the minimum requirements, the seat was not fixed to the bike at all, relying on the occupants weight to hold the seat on. The control cables were also incorrectly routed meaning the bike could not steer right correctly. The brake manifold and Speedo sender at the front wheel were also both insecure.”

The rider was a man in his 20’s and from west norfolk was interviewed and reported for his numerous offences. He will appear in court in due course – his bike was prohibited and seized, hopefully to be put out of its misery

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  1. Dave D says:

    The Aviemore Biker should never have been jailed. It could be considered stupid but not deadly, on an empty, straight bit of road. The only person that affected was himself. Its not like it was down a city High Street. If I started windmilling in the middle of an empty street, that would be stupid. I start windmilling in a crowded shop, different story there like.

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