The Batpod

Despite this iconic film (The Dark Knight) coming out nearly 10 years ago, it feels like a film that is as good today as the day it came out.

This for me, is in no part due to the brief appearance of the Batpod. I first saw this (after the film of course) at the MCN motorbike show at the NEC, and this thing is big!


Batman first used the Pod when the Tumbler was irreparably damaged (after the joker fired an RPG at it).

Later it is used by Batman to reach Harvey Dent and / or Rachel Dawes.

The machine was created by Chris Corbould, and was made to feature soley in the film trilogy, (Chris has originally made 6 examples of the Batpod).

The chasis was fit with an intergrated exhaust system,  31″ hoosier racing tyres (these have would usually be used in sprint car races in the US), surprisingly given the size of the bike the only put a 750cc Honda engine in it – When I say given the size, this thing was nearly 4m long measuring 380cm by  just over a metre wide 107cm and 120cm high and while I wish they were real, it also also had two dummy cannons and a targeting unit.



The bike was originally ridden by stuntman Jean-Pierre Goy, ironically Batman never rode the batpod as it was deemed “too dangerous”.

Bale says, “Embarrassingly, I didn’t get to ride it. There are other motorbikes in the film that I got to burn about on, but not the Bat Pod – it was deemed too dangerous; they needed me in one piece to finish the damn movie.”

The handling of the bike was reported to be so bad that Jean, was not able to lean the bike round corners as you would an normal bike. With that in mind they tried several methods to adapt the wheels by shaving them. Instead Jean had to essentially drift around corners by locking the back wheel up which lead to a lot of blown tires.

This absolutely amazing piece of machinery and iconic part of the film was really half the enjoyment for me and really enticed me into watching the sequels – even though its appearances were short lived.

Looking into it in more detail, I was keen to find out, how much it would cost if I wanted to buy one……the most recent auction showed that the expected price of the Batpod was expected to reach $80,000 however this was blown away when it reached $406,184 – Thats someone who really likes Batman.












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