Want to Drag!?!


We know there has been a lot about new speeding laws, and the way that points are being applied. We are also hearing a lot about Bikers being used by the system, to set an example of, meaning usually harsher penalties – see Aviemore Biker

How would you like to be able to top your bike out? Race your mates? Go as fast as you can, without having to worry about points or a ban? Well then, we have some great news for you! Read On!!

If you’re anywhere near Long Marston Airfield, or even if you’re not – they are hosting a Public Track Weekend.

“Racing a mate over the quarter mile is still the purest and easiest way to get a genuine racing fix.“


This weekend is open to all makes and models of cars and motorbikes! They mean literally any motor!

“The weekend’s Test & Tune gives you the thrill and competitive straight line speed without getting zapped by those annoying road side cameras or getting an unnecessary speeding ticket!

The only tickets you’ll receive will be your own personal performance printout registering your reaction time, 60ft, eighth mile and overall time and speed. Its fast and its accessible to a variety of ages and vehicles in a safe and legal environment. It really is as simple as that. Car and motorcycle clubs are welcome to come along and display or give it a blast down the drag strip!”


They will give  clubs a dedicated club area, so you can all stick together – the only cost is £12 admission to the track and up to £40 sign on fee for unlimited runs of the track.  After your run the raceway will give you a performance print out so you can get your own group leader-board going.

They do state however a disclaimer for the track:

“PLEASE NOTE: All RWYB drivers regardless of cars, times and speeds are required to wear a crash helmet in order to compete on the track. Helmet hire is available at the track on the day for a nominal fee. Contact us for further details or take a look at our Essential Guide on the Run What Ya Brung information page. Also, don’t forget your Driving Licence (Full Licence required, No Provisional Licence accepted)! Remember No Licence No Race!”

If nothing else this will give you the chance to top your bike out at high speed, allowing you to experience the full acceleration in a safer environment! So who’s in?

For full details and more information see their website: Run What You Bring

Tel: 01789 720 180

Email: enquiries@shakespearecountyraceway.co.uk


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