Polite Notice – Acceptable?

This currently feels like it’s quickly becoming an “age old topic” amongst bikers, up there with are people on up to 125’s real bikers and should you nod at learners (other articles maybe?).

So from my experience, there appears to be a number of reasons, for and against below are a few mentioned:


  • Drivers instantly take notice, and automatically slow down.
  • Hi-vis is, well…… highly visible.
  • They are legal (as qualified by the met).
  • May help prevent accidents.


  • Even though completely legal, a lot of motorists and bikers feel it is too much like impersonating the old bill.
  • If you don’t think it’s like impersonating the police, then the majority of those who don’t wear them will say it’s you just look ridiculous.
  • Some will argue that given the amount of Hi-Vis around now, this is simply not as effective as it used to be – and it is only helpful, when you stand out from your surroundings.

For me, I don’t like them and I tend to believe that people who wear them are doing so as they intentionally want to mislead other road users. If they’re happy and it works for them, then more power to them.

So what about normal hi-vis?

Well the conclusion of one study showed less conspicuous clothing may increase the risk of motorcycle crash related injury.

 Increasing the use of reflective or fluorescent clothing, white or light coloured helmets, and daytime headlights are simple, cheap interventions that could considerably reduce motorcycle crash related injury and death.

This seems to be a given, and I know that when I take my daughter out on my bike, she always wears a hi-vis jacket, she loves it as it’s bright pink and I feel safer in the knowledge that we should be seen more easily and less likely to have an accident.

However If I am out on my own, or with my girlfriend as pillion neither of us wears hi-vis…Why? Well sitting here writing this article, the only reason I can come up with is because of vanity. I feel like a tit and in my opinion I look like one.

So what about you? Do you wear hi-vis out on your bike? Do you condone or mock others? More importantly is “Polite Notice” hi-vis acceptable to you?



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  1. Jonathan says:

    When commuting and filtering in heavy traffic, I wear high vis… and what is more I wear a Polite Notice one. I don’t really care if people think I’m a w*****… because I know that if they’re thinking or saying “Look at that t#%@,” then they’ve seen me and are therefore less likely to kill me.

    When out for a pleasure ride, I’m a vain power ranger that matches his bike… and wouldn’t be seen ‘dead’ in high vis…

    Hypocritical? Maybe.

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  2. Liz Harris says:

    These type of hi viz are also made for horse riders, I ride a bike and a horse. I have only worn hi viz when on the horse in quite murky weather, as the horse belonged to a riding school, I think it was a legal requirement or ‘covering their back’ . I have never worn hi viz any other time, never really thought about it although I accept people’s choice. The reason I replied is there have been some high profile cases of horse riders being abused by angry drivers saying they are impersonating police. Unfortunately the numbers of injuries and fatalities for horses on the road are quite high so hi viz is a very good idea.

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  3. Mrs karen hagger says:

    I feel the main riders who wear these try to think yes they are old bill ” think its a joke” they still put them selves and others in harms way but the polite vests are designed for horse riders lol , i wear hi viz over winter months and they do help i think looking like a tit or not i personally feel a bit safer on the roads👍, the fire brigade and ambulance service actuly state that yellow hi viz is actully not that practical as in autum they matched a rider to a back drop of trees with autom leaves and you couldnt see the rider as the yellow blended in 😱 They state the best colour for hi viz is pink as it does not belnd in with any thing and really stands out 👍👍 but can you see guys wearing pink hi viz 😂😂 no lol…. safe riding to all

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  4. Vitalij says:

    I think it is acceptable, and no difference how many bikers using high-risk. Any high-vis is one single life, and if speedy driver will see that in time and reduce speed, that will safe life. Sign polite is just sign, and could be any instead, as it is similar to police it is reminding drivers that they on road and will remind to keep distance and speed. Is better to be in high-vis and on bike, that to be without and on the ground.

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  5. Nigel says:

    I don’t wear Hi-Vis as i then know other road users can’t see me as well and I have to ride defensively, being prepared for their actions.

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