VW Hit and Run

Following on from biking at high speeds (see Aviemore biker) we have come across some shocking footage, where a VW driver attempts to overtake 3 riders on a blind turn. When the driver realises that he couldn’t make it past the third bike, due to another car coming around the bend on the opposite side of the road. The driver panics, cuts up the second rider, then slams the anchors on! Ultimately the biker having nowhere to go, ends up in the VW’s boot.

The driver then stops briefly before taking off again, trying to flee the scene of the accident.

We’ve heard reports that bike No. 3 chased and caught the driver, though as of yet we’re not sure of any sentancing or punishment that this driver maybe facing.

If you have any further information, on the riders or the driver we’d be interested to know – if biker gets jail time for speeding without causing the injury, then surely this deserves a huge ban & fine with extended jail time?

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