Aviemore biker ‘did not know’ he was riding at 149mph

It would seem that Barry Gray, has had an unfortunate outcome to being caught at speeds in excess of 145mph on a speed gun, on the A95 between Aviemore and Grantown on Spey. The outcome of this has meant that he has incurred a custodial sentence and further punishment there after (outlined below).

We’ve all twisted the wrist a little too far, especially when the conditions allow *on private roads of course*. Given the testimony below of it being a dry day, Gray’s background in riding bikes and that no one else was around…..(other than the old bill apparently) – is this sentence too harsh, or is it a case of can’t do the time then don’t do the crime?

Given that the new speeding fines aren’t coming into play until April…. he may have at least dodged one bullet, however we suspect that he will still have got a substantial fine as well, though this doesn’t seem to be included in the article – do you have more information?



A biker who has been jailed for riding his machine dangerously claimed he did not know he had reached a speed of 149mph, a court has heard.

Barry Gray, 39, of Aviemore, told social workers he had not realised how fast he had been travelling on the A95 between Aviemore and Grantown on Spey.

Sheriff David Sutherland told him it was one of the highest speeds “ever recorded” in the Highlands.

Gray had earlier admitted to a dangerous driving charge.

Inverness Sheriff Court heard that he was road testing the Suzuki 1100 bike while trying to sort a fault when he was detected speeding by police on at about 17:35 on 7 September 2015 at Auchendean, near Skye of Curr.

‘Sudden burst’


Jailing Gray for four months, Sheriff Sutherland said: “It beggars belief you would test your bike in circumstances like this.

“But I am perturbed that not withstanding your knowledge of bikes, you were not aware of the speed you were doing. Therefore I cannot deal with this other than with a custodial sentence.”

Gray, a regular motocross competitor, was also disqualified for driving for five years and ordered to re-sit the extended driving test before being allowed back on the road.

Fiscal depute Alison Wylie told the court that traffic on the road was “light” and the conditions were dry at the time of the offence.

She said: “Police saw the motor cycle and knew it was travelling well in excess of 60mph at that time.

“Then there was a sudden burst of speed and they immediately put the gun on it, recording 149mph.”

‘Still coughing’

Defending, Willie Young said Gray was familiar with riding bikes at such speeds as the former offshore oil worker competed regularly in Scottish biking championships.

He said the bike involved was 20-yea

rs-old and had an “issue” due to it having sat in a garage for eight years.

Mr Young said: “He had stripped it down and had taken it into Inverness to get good fuel and a fuel additive.

“The vehicle was still coughing and spluttering on the way back but, as he got near Aviemore, he felt the issue was starting to clear.

“He was familiar with this road and knew there was a straight coming up. He was the only vehicle in sight and he did a burst of acceleration over a distance of 1,000ft.

“He then decelerated down to the speed limit as he approached traffic up ahead.”

Story from BBC


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  1. Graham St. George says:

    Sentence far too harsh even verging on the ridiculous – the guy should be let off with a fine and warning !!

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  2. Richard Hocking says:

    Victimless crime not worth Jail time, they whinge about the Jails being overcrowded and then lock people up for a motoring offence that should not even be classified as criminal, the system is broken people eget less for battering old ladies

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    1. Gareth says:

      VIctimless crime…. Nonsense. The punishment should be the same whatever the outcome. PUnch someone and they get a bruise or die – the sentance should be the same. Riding a bike at 150mph – could have killed someone. The chances? probably low – as he was not being chased, but the outcome should be irrelevant.


      1. Gustav Himitocal says:

        By your logic accidentally pulling out in traffic at a roundabout in traffic should be a custodial sentence???? AS IT COULD KILL SOMEONE!!!! Ffs!

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      2. Simon Haddock says:

        Can understand some of your statement but going to prison for speeding . Wnat does that do in all reality ? …
        Much more effective solution would be to ‘crush ‘ the bike , fine and speed awareness course.
        His insurance will go through the roof anyway , he will be having to use an alternative form of transport and one last thng could be having a restriction on his licence …much like a newly qualified rider .
        If in the two year period of this restriction he does anything at all that is out of place , even going through a red light , parking on double yelows anything at all then …Complete ban and a retake of his test.
        That would be hovering over him each day and I’m sure would be much more effective …Prison’s are all full , many problems with the service etc etc.

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  3. michael kitt says:

    The prisons have enough people in so large fine

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  4. Roddy says:

    I’ve seen muggers and serious assaults getting less time even let of after background reports say they had a hard upbringing load o shit only person likely to get hurt was the rider himself typical British justice

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  5. Lee says:

    And pedophiles get a caution absolutely ludicrous .

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  6. Absolute over the top sentence 5 year ban what the fuck judge a pure twat never ridden a bike in his life Peadoes are getting less this is bulshit needs appealing

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  7. Jock says:

    Where’s the real criminals here?? No harm no foul?? Easy target. My mates theiving junkie neighbours get left to terrorise the street and free benefits to boot??? Wtf???


  8. Pete Knight says:

    Massively excessive punishment. Turn on those police stop action shows any day of the week, and see car thieves driving recklessly through towns and they don’t get anywhere near as bad as this guy got. I’d say that an appeal with a decent solicitor is required urgently.

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  9. warren says:

    Ludicrous it beggars belief

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  10. Paul says:

    As the above person said you see it all the time on tv people with no licence no insurance going through a town in a stolen car crashing into other cars , only to get off with a warning and community service 😏😏😏

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  11. kenneth says:

    hahahahaha the police must have nothing to do up that way already if they are playing hide and seak with a gun,they realy should pull the finger out there arses and get proper work done rather than picking on bikers

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  12. gordon endler says:

    Should appeal it . Way way to harsh i am a 59 year old biker and car driver .
    These bikes are more than capable of doing these speeds safely with no risk I was caught in 1999 doing same speed on A34 got a 6 week ban £90 fine NO points .
    This sentence you would have to ask why has this court got it in for this guy ? Way to harsh

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  13. Chris Owen says:

    The judge needs a reality check ….. 😏

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  14. Gary says:

    complete lunacy giving a custodial sentence for such an offence in those circumstances. Judicial system is farcical, over crowded prisons, lack of consistency with sentencing in relation to offences. My uncle was killed by an on coming car overtaking on a solid white line on a blind bend, driver didn’t even get a slap on the wrist. The reason? my uncle was allegedly speeding on his blackbird…things like this make my blood boil. A fine and a ban should have been the punishment!!
    Didn’t some boxer knock a pedestrian over on a crossing and not receive a custodial sentence ???


  15. Tony P says:

    A fuelling test at 149! That’s hilarious. If the judge knew anything about how engines and gearing worked – he would have smelt the BS.
    He might also know that it costs 25 quid to strap a bike to a dyno and test it properly. What a cock.


  16. Frank Delacoe says:


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  17. Adrian gardner says:

    Ludicrous what has the uk come to ffd

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  18. Joe says:

    Typical British establishment. I’m just slightly surprised that it was actual Cops that caught him and not a camera! Far too excessive punishment, when far more serious crimes are committed with ‘Community-Service’ being suitable for the crime. Please all remember, that a Bank-Manager can be MURDERED in broad-daylight on a busy street in Nairn, and the weapon thrown down a drain, and the perpetrators get away. But a motorist musn’t speed, we’ll concentrate on easy pickings, THE MOTORIST. Instead of policing our patch effectively, making sure people are safe!

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  19. Don’t plead guilty to dangerous driving if the only person you are endangering is yourself? If you own a GSXR1100 & find yourself on a long straight empty road with no junctions & no other road users in sight (where was the police vehicle?) then don’t run it up through the gears from 60mph, because within about 7 seconds you’ll be doing 150mph

    I’m sure he won’t do this because he has learnt his lesson & society has been protected from his evil evil ways etc now , but it seems to me that if he had been riding an unregistered, uninsured bike without a licence his likelihood of being thrown in jail & banned for 5 years would have tended to zero because without a helicopter that costs a thousand pounds an hour to fly or homicidal urges the police couldn’t have touched him. If the consequence of 10 seconds of victimless fun after jumping through all the legal hoops & tests to get a licence & paying a fortune for insurance etc is prison & 5 years of being effectively unemployable in the highlands where there is no public transport to speak of, the behaviour this sort of sentence is going to deter is not the behaviour they think it will deter…

    Meanwhile as taxpayers we are paying to lock this guy up & pay his benefits for the next 5 years while he is officially a pedestrian. Well done, Scottish justice system, well done. Money well spent…


  20. For the record, he’s clearly guilty of speeding, plead guilty to that & take the 3 month ban & 6 points you richly deserve for not seeing the copper. Dangerous driving charges in circumstances where there is clearly nobody else to endanger are ridiculous, and counterproductive, & surely pretty difficult to prove. Not only that, but the perverse incentives they create for people observing them do far more harm to the cause of road safety than good. Find me a single rider [or driver come to that] in history who has never, given an empty long straight miles from anywhere & a fast bike [or car], run it up through the gears until they realise they are going way too fast even the once. And if the sentence on offer for pleading guilty is effectively life destroying anyway, why _would_ you plead guilty to get a couple of weeks knocked off the jail time? Make them prove it, then appeal it if they convict you anyway.

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