An open letter to Matlock Bath

An open letter that is addressed “To the powers that be” seems to have hit the internet. It is regarding the hostile feelings towards bikers and the effects that this appears to be having on businesses and bikers who come to enjoy the amazing roads and scenery that is Matlock bath – what are your thoughts? do you and your friends visit regularly, or not so much any more? Letter below:



Note that I didn’t put council, because I don’t actually believe that you lot run this place, you’re just a building full of pen pushers, waiting for your puppeteers to pull your strings. On your next tug, get someone to fix that broken manhole cover outside the shop that I rang up about weeks ago will you? And then maybe a damn good sweep up to make the place look a bit more presentable for some of the extortionate business rates you’ve been collecting over the years.

Matlock Bath is starting to look like a no-go area! The type of tourist you’re trying to attract just won’t want to stop off. You’ll only be left with us lot, that great unwashed, rowdy rabble of a biking community (in your eyes at least). Who’ve come in their droves for as long as I can remember to park along the promenade and then ride off, to soak up the beauty of the surrounding countryside and very often return after that ride to descend once more upon the Bath. Of course in-between all of this, spending money and patronising small businesses – Even in the winter months. But you in your wisdom have seen it fit to make them unwelcome at every turn! Have you ever thought that a lot of folk actually come to MB to look at the glorious show of bikes? I wouldn’t remotely think so….But then you’ve always been a fairly blinkered lot.
And so to the on the road parking charges that you’ve tried to implement many times over the years, well you finally got your wall, although it would appear you’re still shuffling them pens around, because you haven’t actually told anyone when or how you’re going to implement them have you? Or maybe we’re just not privy to that information?? I don’t think anyone is remotely bothered about the 50p or so charge, it was always about the principle and the bikers saw it as the next step to make them feel unwelcome.
Misinformation and rumours were rife, making it worse, which culminated, on a cold day in March with several thousand bikes descending on MB and making their feelings known, frightening old folk, dogs and children apparently! What a load of tosh! Of course you didn’t listen to that protest, you’d made your decision anyway. That day is set in history and I for one am so proud to have been on that protest ride as are my friends, even raising money for charity as we did it.
For your information most of work, spend money, use soap and deodorant, have kids, are kind to old folk and animals and do more for charity that you’ll ever be able to imagine. Turning out in all weathers to support good causes that government seem to have forgotten!! So embrace the biking community, you won’t regret it! I so hope bikes are seen parked up and down the parade for years to come and not just ride through, if not for the businesses that are still here but just to piss you lot and your string pullers.


Do you or someone you know go to Matlock Bath regularly?
Let us know your thoughts on the letter above!

Lets not let the people of MB suffer, where are your best bits and what do you like about it?

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Nope.. I’ve stopped going. I usually only stop for the loo, a snack and coffee, though if I go with friends, we may have a wander. So many other places I can go without the hassle of having to carry change.


  2. Trev Whittemore says:

    This letter contains the thoughts of many people, bikers and non-bikers alike and the fact that it was the regular, repeated visits of bikers many years ago, (when the bike thing started) that brought MB from the brink of closing down. For many it is the sheer arrogance, shortsighted, greedy, shoot at the hip decisons that the people in charge have made.
    Matlock Bath has been a biker Mecca for as long as I can remember and thats why it is so popular, many people go, for a bag of chips, a drink, a walk, look at the shops and a look at the chrome and engineering on show.
    People are not fools, they know that DCC are just after making a quick buck off the back of honest people, and everyone just smiles when they come out with the stupid comments such as ” parking charges will attract more visitors” …….yes that is a DCC quote and it is obvious who are the fools!
    There is an old fashion saying NEVER bite the hand that feeds, well DCC have decided to bite and I for one have not visted MB since, and my usual financial weekly contribution to local businesses in the form of food and odds and sods over the year does not amount to much, however multply this by hundreds and thousands it is a significant footfall and cashflow problem for the local business. But unfortunately bikers do have principles and will not be ripped off or treated with contempt ( just look at the support for the demo last year) and will naturally go else where as I have done ( castleton for example) were they are made to feel more welcome

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  3. Glenn Willis says:

    40 years I’ve been riding bikes and, for at least half of that time, I visited Matlock Bath, every weekend in the summer and as often as weather permitted at other times of the year. I’d often come with a group of up to 40 mates and, even when I left the area and moved to the South West, I’d still come up and bring new friends from my my new home who, similarly, loved the area.
    But no more! The comment about not biting the hand that feeds is going to come around and bite DCC, quite firmly, on the bum! They’re going to end up with empty retail premises which will reduce their income from business rates, which will negate any parking fees they may take and will mean that, whichever cockwomble thought this was a good idea, won’t be able to take his secretary to Gran Canaria this year, but will have to take his wife and 3 spawn instead!
    Well, congratulations numpty! Because of your neanderthal prejudices, bikers will take their money (just as good as Audi drivers money) elsewhere and boost someone else’s economy! Up yer @rse!


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