Bosch: Vehicle to Bike comms

So I’ve just come across a video and on paper it looks like a really good idea, though the concern is that it will lead to lazier drivers and riders.

As a rider I think that most of our survival is based on instinct and experience, actively looking for dangers, rather than being told where they are. I for one have noticed as a car driver, now using a sat nav, I am becoming less aware of my actual location on a road and in the country along with the routes I am taking. To a degree this is great as it means I can concentrate more on driving over having to watch out for road signs, the flipside being that I take longer to learn roads and routes, as I am not taking in the surroundings and the route, just autonomously following instructions.

My suspicion is that this will turn out to be the same with bikers on the road and we will slowly become more and more complacent, and reliant on the technology that is available and surrounds us.

As a car driver, I drive for necessity, and not for pleasure. I am sure I would have a lot of fun on a track in the right car, but on the road it is a tool and a way to get from A2B. On a bike however I got out without sat navs and 9/10 a route, just an idea as to where I would like to end up, if I get there great – if I get lost even better (as a rule).

So what is the way forward, as a driver I would love to be able to have this extra information, but as a biker I wouldn’t want it to break my concentration. I am certainly not adverse to progression and technology, but I don’t think I would want to be told about every potential danger – but giving other vehicles rider information would be welcome from me.

What about you? Would you prefer to know what’s around every bend or do you prefer to ride as with just you and the bike?

Lazy riders and drivers? or knowledge is power?

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