Man dies in road rage incident

Following a road rage incident Thursday 08.02.18 at 17:00 (local time) on I-5 at 138th street (Milton Wash), SMIDSY has received reports that a 24-year-old rider (rumoured to be known as Aubrey Taylor “AT”) was attacked by a 60-year-old man, which has unfortunately lead to his death.

Londoner found guilty of impersonating a police motorcyclist

Darren Emanuel, 46 a London city banker, has been found guilty of deceiving the public by imitating a police motorcyclist. Mr Emanuel was caught riding a former police motorcycle (which still had the blue lights and authority stickers attached) on Park Lane in Mayfair in June 2017

Annabel Thomas Racing

Annabel Thomas (Abbz) of Four Anjels Racing. SMIDSY is proud to be helping to publicise the rise of this amazing young lady and we will be keeping in touch, and looking to help spread the word and support for her!

SMIDSY’s 1st Birthday!

Can you believe it our little SMIDSY blog is   1 year old – We can’t! As a little celebration we are giving away one of our Mugs to a randomly selected reader who shares this post. We are looking to get the blog far and wide!! (Unfortunately at the moment we can only post…

Organ Donation

This may seem like a strange topic for a motorbike site to blog about. However, we think that it is a fairly important one for several reasons:

Recording your ride?

A quick question for those who run a Motorbike Blog, or probably more aptly a Vlog – Do you record every ride? Are you aware of where you place your camera and what it is capturing?

SMIDSY – Has it really come to this?

A father aged 50, whom chased two youths after they stole his sons scooter has been jailed for 7 years. This is after he purposefully rammed them off the road, and an accomplice fired a shotgun over the youth’s heads. Paul O’Neill had been claiming that his family were being threatened by the yobs after…

Motorcycle Live 2017 NEC Birmingham

SMIDSY will be at Motorcycle Live! The weekend will soon be upon us and with that comes “Motorcycle Live” this is again in Birmingham at the NEC and will be open from the 18th to the 26th of November. So what does that mean? Firstly the UKs biggest motorcycle show has promised to unveil an…

Tougher stance on moped gangs and bike theives!

SMIDSY has heard that finally the police are taking motorcycle thieves and scooter gangs a bit more seriously. This is following Ms Rudd hearing that these thieves and thugs often remove their helmets while being chased by the police, to discourage further pursuit or risk ending up in the dock themselves.