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This may seem like a strange topic for a motorbike site to blog about. However, we think that it is a fairly important one for several reasons:

Recording your ride?

A quick question for those who run a Motorbike Blog, or probably more aptly a Vlog – Do you record every ride? Are you aware of where you place your camera and what it is capturing?

SMIDSY – Has it really come to this?

A father aged 50, whom chased two youths after they stole his sons scooter has been jailed for 7 years. This is after he purposefully rammed them off the road, and an accomplice fired a shotgun over the youth’s heads. Paul O’Neill had been claiming that his family were being threatened by the yobs after…

Motorcycle Live 2017 NEC Birmingham

SMIDSY will be at Motorcycle Live! The weekend will soon be upon us and with that comes “Motorcycle Live” this is again in Birmingham at the NEC and will be open from the 18th to the 26th of November. So what does that mean? Firstly the UKs biggest motorcycle show has promised to unveil an…

Tougher stance on moped gangs and bike theives!

SMIDSY has heard that finally the police are taking motorcycle thieves and scooter gangs a bit more seriously. This is following Ms Rudd hearing that these thieves and thugs often remove their helmets while being chased by the police, to discourage further pursuit or risk ending up in the dock themselves.


Attempting to avoid 122mph speeding conviction

Roauf Azzabi 33 has been sent behind bars, by Chester Crown Court. This was not because of the speed he was doing but due to the fact he was found guilty of perverting the course of justice. In August 2015 a cheshire speed van, on the A556 at Hartford in Norwich tracked a Kawasaki Z1000…

What’s around the corner?

Well SMIDSY doesn’t know but we do know that we have all been there, or at least most of us have! You’re out for a quiet bimble on the bike, a chill ride, nice and relaxed like…..when the need for speed starts to kick in

BP Garage makes bikers pay for fuel upfront!

We have become aware of an outrageous situation whereby a garage in Hull have put up signs advising all bikers that they must now pre-pay for fuel prior to the pump being turned on. 

Bike Security

We’ve recently come across a video from the Metropolitan police, giving further advice and instruction regarding “scooter” security, though we think message really rings true for all bikes. whatever your thoughts on the police or their handling of stolen bikes, which we tend to feel is generally not up to scratch. There is none the…

The REAL meaning of the Haynes instruction

We’re not ashamed to say, we’ve come across an old file we had and this is what it contained. We’d love to credit the author, but we just don’t know who it is! As bikers its fair to say that for most of us we’ve all been here with a Haynes manual……..Enjoy