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SMiDSY Electronic Motorcycle Visibility Products
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SMiDSY LED Brake Light Flasher  for motorcycles
SMiDSY Headlight Modulator  for motorcycles
SMiDSY Audible Turn Signal Warning device for motorcycles
SMiDSY Use your Brake Light as a Fog Light for motorcycles
SMiDSY Brake Light Flasher  for motorcycles
Electronic Motorcycle Visibility Products
SMiDSY Automatic Hazard Flasher for motorcycles
SMiDSY Ice Warning Device for motorcycles
There can't be many motorcyclists out there that haven't heard this phrase,

or its equivalent in dozens of other languages. 

The facts are simple, car drivers just don't see motorcycles even with headlights on. With more cars now using daytime running lights, we seem to blend into the background even more.

SMiDSY Electronics was formed in 2007 with a view to manufacturing products that help motorcyclists get seen.  We are keen bikers and are based in Skipton, North Yorkshire, the gateway to the Yorkshire Dales.  All our products are designed and manufactured by us, in the UK.

We have developed new products over the years and intend to introduce more as time progresses.   Please have a look around, we're more than happy to answer any questions you may have.  You can contact us here.
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